Larsson wanted to move to a club from Europe's top league

Swedish forward Jordan Larsson has not yet found a new team after a long break in his work at "Spartak" - first, in one of the leading European championships, where he was in demand for the game. there were rumors that he would continue. However, the latest reports clearly differ from this - Jordan is closing in on Olympiacos of Greece. We analyze where Isvili could be, how he can make it to the top league, and where his path is now.

Words speak louder than words. was

Larsson could easily prepare a manual on how to destroy fan relations in less than a year. We are talking not only about the public statements of football, but also about the game itself. Before returning to Sweden, he spent the longest six months in Russia. In the first part of the new championship, not a single made an effective move. Yes, the decline was in the game of the whole team - with the new starter, the "red-whites" forgot how to convert their chances and fell sharply to the 10th place in the table.

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But it was Larsson who knocked on the door with the loudest voice. The suspension of Mügavila and going to AIK is already seen as weakening. and media reports indicated that "Spartak" was not on the way with him.

For example, before canceling the contract, Jordan stated:

I had a great time at AIK. i went Let's see what this means for my future. It is a good thing that FIFA extended this period. In that case, I will not be forced to return to Russia.

The former manager of "Spartak" Aleksandr Haji concluded this while commenting on the progress of football:

He recently gave the team arrow does not help. Larsson was always in reserve, then went on loan. I can't say that this is a big loss for the team. Yes, now I see his place in the composition. As far as I remember, he had good matches. Larsson played well at first, then he got injured when training started, and then somehow he died completely. This training session is for not good for anyone.

Still, it seems comical and silly to openly dislike going back to RPL in the face of zero performance.

< h2>Stopped from Europe's top leagues to "Olympiacos"

Before the contract with Spartak was terminated, Jordan and AIK wanted to continue their cooperation - however, the football European championships were newly Hitting hard could have stayed in his home league for a year or two. But apparently, the parties did not agree on the financial terms - Sweden. The president of the club warned that football's salary demands will be low:

At the moment, I don't know where Jordan will continue his career. Here it is better to talk to him personally or through his agent. Of course, we would like Larsson to stay at AIK, he is a great player. But I don't think we don't have that much money. Will Larsson ask for money? I think so. And we won't be able to say that much.

Furthermore, Larsson özünü He wanted to try in one of the leading European leagues. Probably, the views are did not confirm - it was reported that "Celtic" came to football. The choice of the ambitions of a football player is certainly not very suitable. But the Scots regularly take part in the qualification stage of the Champions League, they fight for the play-offs in the Europa League. they are relatively in the same position. The clubs are in the top 5 of the UEFA rankings and are not champions, but there is no time to turn your nose up.